Do not spend $300 on SoClean®. It is not only a waste of money, but potentially harmful. These devices falsely claim to clean. Similar devices using ozone technology will kill germs (sanitize) yet do nothing to rid of oils and dirt which contribute to the wear and tear of the mask. It is analogous to using hand sanitizer versus washing your hands with soap and water. If you’re trying to save time cleaning the mask and hose, I hate to disappoint but you have just doubled your workload. Read the actual product excerpt below:

“..SoClean requires that you pre-wash your mask.”

To maintain your CPAP, hose and mask simply refer to your User Manual or watch this video.

Take that to the bank. You’re welcome.

Written by: Avinesh S Bhar, MD

About the author

Dr. Bhar is fellowship-trained and board-certified in sleep, critical care and pulmonary medicine. He has been in practice for over seven years and established a telemedicine practice founded on personalized, convenient, and cost-effective sleep and pulmonary care.

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