You may choose each service individually. If you start and complete the journey with us, we will credit you with a bundled price for the initial + follow up visit, home sleep study and Auto-PAP* setup.

*inclusive of service package

Initial Consult


All new patients will receive a comprehensive video consultation with our physician to discuss sleep or pulmonary issues inclusive of medication review, ordering of tests and lab work (not the cost of test), along with medication prescription. Please have your most recent physician or specialist note on hand along with a current medication list (have your pharmacist print one out).

Follow up


These follow up visits can be conducted via video ($75) or text ($50). Anyone seen within 12 months of my prior practice is considered a follow up. Text visits are an excellent way for a quick check in and update of health status.

Home Sleep Test


The Home Sleep Test will be mailed out with return label and detailed test instructions included. Your results will be available within 2 days of equipment return. You may also choose to get this done elsewhere. Please ensure results are emailed to us, to allow us to best serve your needs.

*price includes shipping to GA and SC



We will provide you with a state of the art Auto-PAP device along with two of our most popular masks enclosed. Our price includes our full service package, working with you and the device manufacturer to ensure you are fully supported through your PAP journey. Each device comes with a compact travel case, hose, filters and humidifier tank. We also have access to refurbished devices at discounted rates - inquire below for pricing.