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CPAP Treatment for Insomnia in Adults


If you're struggling to get to sleep at night, the search for answers can be frustrating and contribute to your sleepiness or tiredness during the day. Understanding the cause of the restless, disturbed or poor sleep is essential to getting you on the right treatment. Most patients, unfortunately, simply get the symptom treated with sleeping pills. A common, yet overlooked, reason is difficulty breathing during sleep. A CPAP machine is one potential solution that can help you get the rest you need -- but for many patients, access to this treatment can be difficult and cumbersome.

SLIIIP wants to take the hassle out of getting the treatment you need by delivering sleep aid devices like CPAP and AutoPAP directly to your door. When you coordinate with Dr. Bhar and his team of teladoc sleep apnea specialists, you'll receive top-quality remote care, as well as our full support to get the best out of your CPAP device - and better sleep. Getting started is easy -- just schedule a consultation, and we'll take it from there.

If you're experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea, such as snoring, gasping or choking during, frequent urination, morning headaches, waking up unrefreshed or daytime fatigue, or daytime fatigue, a CPAP machine may be able to help. Don't wait to start getting the rest you deserve: schedule your first consultation with the online sleep doctors at SLIIIP today.

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Delivering Treatments For Sleep Disorders to Your Door

CPAP Machines & Sleep Telemedicine Services

A CPAP machine is a device that helps to regulate your breathing while you sleep. It does this by gently blowing air into your lungs through a mask, which keeps your airway open and prevents apnea -- periods of time when you stop breathing.

CPAP is an acronym that stands for "continuous positive airway pressure." This refers to the steady stream of air that is delivered through the CPAP machine.

At SLIIIP, we prescribe the advanced version of CPAP, known as Auto-CPAP or Auto-PAP. Auto-PAP is able to automatically adjust the amount of air pressure that is delivered, based on your needs at any given moment.

So how does our online CPAP/Auto-PAP machine delivery service work, exactly?

  • Once Dr. Bhar and his team of sleep specialists have determined that a CPAP or Auto-PAP will help, and a request is sent to your insurer for approval. Once approved, we'll deliver the device to your home.
  • A sleep coach is assigned to help guide you on device set up, mask use, equipment maintenance and to ensure your experience with Auto-CPAP is good.
  • Dr. Bhar and his team will schedule follow-up telemedicine visits and continue to monitor its use via Cloud-based services, allowing them to fully understand how the machine is helping you or what changes may need to be made to your treatment plan.
  • We want to ensure you sleep better. Period.

If you believe you're struggling with a sleep disorder, the first step is to schedule an online consultation with Dr. Bhar. He and his team of sleep specialist doctors will review your symptoms and medical history. If he believes that a CPAP machine could help you, he'll work with you to create a custom treatment plan online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CPAP the best treatment for insomnia as well?

While CPAP and Auto-PAP machines are most frequently used to treat sleep apnea, maintaining open airways during sleep can also help with:

  • Insomnia
  • Shift-Work Disorders
  • Narcolepsy treatment
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • REM Behavior Disorder
  • Night Terrors
  • Circadian Sleep Disorders
  • Sleep Walking

To learn more about whether a CPAP may be helpful for you, schedule a consultation with the team at SLIIIP today.

Why is it important to receive professional care for sleep disorders?

In a broad sense, specialist sleep medicine care will result in better, more long-term outcomes than any “quick fixes” you may find for a sleepless night. It's important to consult with a sleep disorder specialist so that you can get an accurate diagnosis and begin your chronic insomnia treatment plan. Additionally, should a CPAP machine become necessary to treat your sleep disorder, you’ll need a prescription from a licensed sleep specialist.

Do you accept insurance for the use of CPAP and Auto-PAP machines?

Yes! Part of the SLIIIP mission is democratizing access to high-quality care from board-certified sleep specialists and making sleep medicine accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re proud to accept insurance from a number of providers across the country. Please check out our Insurance page to view our list of accepted providers.

How can I get started with the best online sleep disorder doctors near me?

At SLIIIP, it’s all about making professional sleep medicine as easy to access as possible. If you’re ready to make a consultation with us, just use our online scheduling tool to select a time and date that works best for you. We’ll be in touch shortly to get you started