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We are putting the soul of care back into the patient-physician relationship.

what we do

We provide video consultations and follow up care for sleep and pulmonary issues - in Georgia and South Carolina. When a home sleep study is appropriate, the equipment will be mailed to you following the consultation. We can order tests i.e. pulmonary function test, radiology imaging and blood work, either through electronic orders or by mailing you the prescription. We also e-Prescribe medications (except for Scheduled drugs). In addition, we provide CPAP equipment setup and support.

(he)...sat with me and LISTENED..I cannot recommend this brilliant, compassionate man highly invaluable asset for me, essential to my well-being!
— Deborah Green, Patient

how we do it

  • We are a telemedicine provider.

  • We also offer the option of text based visits for follow ups.

  • We provide home sleep tests, which are interpreted by our board-certified physician.

  • We have provide you with documentation and forms to submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

  • We welcome your feedback to better serve your needs.